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Awareness of how energy is being used in a modern business is key to managing the costs incurred with energy usage because it is estimated that 21% of the total spent on energy by UK businesses is wasted.

A greater awareness of problems can indicate where potential savings can be made and this will directly impact on the efficiency and thus the costs. A well targeted energy efficiency campaign can give the following benefits:

  • Help you reduce your overall costs
  • Savings in costs equate to increased profits
  • Improves competitiveness which safeguards profits.and employment
  • It also enhances the public reputation of an organisation with the perception that they are tackling issues related to Climate Change

Preventative Maintanence

Infra-red thermal imaging is a recognised way of ensuring that plant and operational equipment is always kept in good working order.  By carrying out routine, regular inspections to equipment/machinery it will ensure that any downtime is always planned.  Typically the camera can find areas within a plant that are not working as efficiently as they should.  These types of situation can be managed effectively and this service can enable you to plan ahead and ensure that the equipment is replaced at a convenient time that suits production.

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Highland Council
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