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Domestic Thermal Imaging Surveys

IR of Bilbster Mains

Thermal imaging can help locate problems with ‘slumping’ or missing insulation in building walls as the lack of insulation allows more heat to escape through the fabric of the walls. Since energy costs appear to be constantly rising, this loss amounts to householders losing money.

An external building survey allows the householder to see at a glance were there are problems with lack of insulation, displaced render and poor seals on doors and windows which are allowing heat to escape from the building.

Another aspect that thermal imaging can pick up on is water damage and leaks. A leak can travel far from its source point and a thermal camera allows us to locate the source. This is because water has a high thermal capacitance which means it absorbs a lot of heat from the surroundings and this shows up as a hot spot on our thermal images.

Cold air ingress shows up clearly as dark areas on a thermal image as the colder air displaces warmer air within a property. Thermal imaging shows at a glance were seals may be deficient.

For householders another use for a building survey is to identify where underfloor heating pipes are located under a concrete floor.

This sort of heating system is becoming more common, and a thermal survey can prevent any costly damage being caused to the pipes by renovation or building work. The survey can also highlight any leaks that may be present.

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