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Industrial Thermal Imaging Surveys


Dounreay Dome


Dounreay Dome Infra-Red

Thermal imaging is a form of non-destructive testing (NDT) which is safe and doesn’t interfere with processes that are running. This is a very efficient method of gathering data on the relative temperatures of electrical and mechanical equipment that can assist with a maintenance assessment. By performing regular thermal surveys you can identify potential points of failure that would go unnoticed during a visual inspection and save time and money that would otherwise be spent once the equipment has failed completely. The results of a Thermal Imaging inspection can also be incorporated into regular maintenance reports.

Mechanical equipment when operating ineffectively can generate excess heat through friction. This excess heat is invisible to the human eye and can be overlooked during a visual inspection, but will be signalled clearly in the course of an infra-red survey.

Infra-red thermal imaging is a recognised way of ensuring that plant and operational equipment is always kept in good working order. By carrying out routine, regular inspections to equipment/machinery it will ensure that any “down time” is always planned. Typically the camera can find areas within a plant that are not working as efficiently as they should. These types of situation can be managed effectively and this service can enable you to plan ahead and ensure that the equipment is replaced at a convenient time that suits production.

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