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Air Tightness Testing


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Air Tightness Testing

  • What is Air Tightness Testing?

Put simply an Air Tightness Test measures how draughty a building is.  Ventilation in a house is important for air exchange and purpose built ventilation is incorporated into every house constructed e.g. trickle vents & extractor fans.

Air Leakage are gaps and cracks in the buildings fabric that allows air to enter the building from outside which makes the building colder, increases the energy for heating and as a knock on effect increases the carbon footprint of the dwelling.

Our testers seal the normal ventilation of a building and then pressurise the building using a large fan.  The flow if air is measured as it enters the fan and the amount of air leakage is calculated by comparing the resultant pressures and flow rate.  In line with the Scottish Building Standards that came into effect this year new buildings are required to be tested for Air Permeability.

Our team of qualified testers will calculate the Air Permeability envelope of building, assess the premises for testing and prepare the site.  Next we will setup our equipment and begin testing of the building for Air Tightness and take the readings from our sensors and calculate the exact permeability.  A report is then produced with the details and a certificate issued if the building meets the required parameters.

Our prices are competitive and our testers are all qualified and registered with the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing.

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