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We believe that giving energy advice straight to the end user is the only way to encourage long term behavioural change and firmly believe that all members of the household should be involved in powering-down a home, everyone should be aware of energy usage that occurs in the home.

During a home visit we hope to achieve the following:

  • Help you reduce your overall energy bills
  • Our straight talking home visits will help you understand areas that would benefit from changes
  • If you are want to reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint you will have to make behavioural changes

We will give you full support to make changes via advice, installing powerdown devices, installing current cost monitors (on loan), give you ideas about simple DIY measures to reduce draughts and generally ensuring that you are more aware of how little changes can accumulate into making big differences over time.

These measures will assist in saving you money in the short term and also contribute to saving the amount CO2 emitted in the long term.

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The Free SSE Appliance Scheme is now closed, for further information see

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